Danish as a second language for businesses

Would you like to help your employees to speak and understand Danish better? At Studiecoachen, we offer instruction in Danish as a second language, where your employees can learn Danish from our experienced teachers, regardless of their level.

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A Tailored Program

We offer both one-on-one lessons and group lessons for 2-4 employees. Our teachers customise a programme based on the employee’s or employees’ level, whether they are brand new to Denmark – maybe they have not even arrived yet – or they already have a good knowledge of Danish.

We are committed to creating an engaging programme where your employees come away from the lessons with a greater understanding of Danish culture and a natural command of the Danish language that they can use in everyday life. The instruction takes place online, and we offer both longer programmes and shorter, more targeted programmes, for example, in connection with an oral presentation.

About the lessons

As a starting point, we speak Danish during the lessons. We focus on ensuring that the students independently use the language and acquire a natural everyday language from session to session. Each lesson focuses on a specific topic, which we work on through various oral exercises enabling students to express themselves independently. We emphasise giving students maximum speaking time in Danish because we believe that the best way to learn the language is by using it.

A course consists of 30 hours for one employee and 42 hours for 2-4 employees. If you prefer an intensive, targeted programme, you can purchase hour packages of 10-25 hours.

Our teachers

All of Studiecoachen’s instructors are highly educated and have experience in teaching and planning motivating learning experiences at any level. Our instructors have collectively taught over 1,000 students and are capable of quickly assessing what it takes to elevate an individual student’s or a group’s proficiency level.

Meet one of our teachers

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